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Official Host of Tinkertown

Headup Games were established in 2009, developing on all major platforms such as mobile devices, console, and PC – serving 80 million players on mobile and several million players on console and PC. The team were awarded “Best Publisher” at the German Developer Awards in 2012, 2013, 2017 and 2019. Tinkertown is a refreshing new multiplayer...


The Cost of Success

Industry professionals who have worked, or currently work for an independent game studio, will know the daunting prospect of multiplayer games and cost. Established game studios can generate revenue through sales, right at launch, or even before; whilst independent studios don’t have this initial injection of cash, they need to generate this over time. The...


Massive Update to DEADSIDE

Late last week, Bad Pixel the creators of DEADSIDE launched version 0.20 and with this update there have been huge changes. If you aren’t familiar with Bad Pixel or DEADSIDE, here’s the low down and why we are talking about the game at GPORTAL. DEADSIDE launched just over a year ago on Steam in early...


All Aboard the Battlefield 2042 Hype Train!

More people are playing Battlefield 4 now, than they have for an exceptionally long time. Last week EA announced their trailer for Battlefield 2042. Since then, the number of players has skyrocketed on Battlefield 4 servers – only a few months ago the peak number of players was 2717 and over the weekend the number...


Within a day all private game servers were sold out

How GPORTAL managed the Valheim boom. We discuss how we overcame the overwhelming demand for Iron Gate Studios hit game. Much can be said about Valheim and the success that Iron Gate has had with this open world, Viking-styled survival game. Over recent months there have been countless articles discussing why this game has had...


We are on Twitter!

Actually we’ve been on Twitter quite a while, but it’s about time that our b2b section had a separate account. Here’s the link to give us a follow – @gportalbusiness We love Twitter, it is a great way to find out “what’s happening” and you’ll be able to do just that with our b2b Twitter...


Two Minute Tuesdays – Valheim, what can we learn from the success?

1 million downloads within the first week, less than 5 days later and they hit 2 million downloads and now just five weeks later that have 5 million downloads. In today’s episode Damian Reed talks about Valheim, what makes it a great game and how private game servers have been an integral part of it’s...


New indie game studio announcement – Immortal Hand Studios

At GPORTAL we work with studios of all sizes; during our 17 plus years of industry experience we have worked with Funcom, Wild Card Studios, Mojang, 505 Games, EA, DICE, and so many others. We also work with several indie studios and that leads us to our announcement today, that Immortal Hand Studios has launched...


Valheim Plus – Valheim mods are here!

Valheim has been out for three weeks and there are mods already! If you are unfamiliar with Valheim, it is a brutal exploration and survival game at its heart, in a procedurally generated Viking themed world. You will fight creatures of chaos and ancient enemies of the gods. It is taking the gaming world by...


Valheim – Powered by Private Game Servers

What an incredible few weeks it has been for Iron Gate AB and Coffee Stain Publishing – just over three weeks ago only a small number of people had heard of Valheim. At GPORTAL, we have known about the game’s existence and upcoming early access release for quite a while. Speaking to numerous people from...

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